Fake ID Pennsylvania

PA Drivers License (2021 update)

MSRP $150 ON SALE $80

Note: Finished Product won’t have “LITFAKES” printed

From Philly to Pittsburgh, our 100% replica Pennsylvania Drivers License is your ticket to get into any bar, nightclub, strip club, gaming venue in all of PA.

Why settle for an out-of-state ID and make life difficult for yourself while you pretend to be a farmer from West Virginia? Our PA ID will work IN-STATE or YOU get your money back!

These ID’s are based on the NEW updated version of PA license – beware that most competitors are still using the old, outdated version (a sure fire way of getting yourself rejected at the door).

Scannable, Bendable, and printed on the same $100k printers that the real ones are issued from, you will not find a better product elsewhere – either online or on the street.

    • We use our laser printer to perforate the PA key outline on the card (none of the competitors do this)
    • Fine Line Printing – the super small lines in the background. This requires a super expensive, super high-res printer – which we have invested in
    • Laminate on ID which when turned into the light changes from “Virtue, Liberty, Independence” to the Keystone to “1787”
    • Ultraviolet (UV) printing that can be seen by all nightclubs UV scanners
    • Duplicate photo of customer – known as ‘ghost photo’ (see through photo)
    • Both 1D and 2D barcodes on the rear of the card – these are tested to SCAN before we mail out the card

We’re so sure that this ID will work both out of state and IN-STATE that we’re willing to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. That’s right – if you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever – we will refund all of your money within 90 days of purchase.


Venues that our customers have confirmed that they have successfuly used this ID at:


Seven (Pittsburgh, PA)

Perle (Pittsburgh, PA)

Noto (Philadelphia, PA)

Raven Lounge (Philadelphia, PA)

The Barbery (Philadelphia, PA)

Concourse Dance Club (Philadelphia, PA)

The 700 (Philadelphia, PA)

Emmaline (Philadelphia, PA)

The Fillmore (Fishtown, PA)

Boot & Saddle (Hawthorne, PA)

The Trestle Inn (Callowhill, PA)

Electric Factory (Callowhill, PA)


Don’t just take our word for it – check our photos of customers PA cards that we have made: